Lee’s Show

Lee opened a show last week at David Ericson Fine Art. A lot of friends, family and others came out for the opening reception. This is the first major exhibition of Lee’s work since before she had surgery four years ago.
My dad’s brother Robert, his cousin Ann Jensen, his sister Eileen and his wife Francine.
My cousin Julie McKean Prince with Francine.
Robert with Zina the Good.
Jen Hicks’ daughter Natalie in front of the painting she modeled for.

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2 Responses to “Lee’s Show”

  1. João Marinho Júnior Says:

    Hello, I served mission in Recife Brazil, in 1986 and my Mission Pres. was the Mckean’s couple. I was looking my staffs and saw a Mission’s newspaper with the names of Pres. and sister Mckean. Is she alive? Is there her at that photo?

  2. Joe Says:

    Yes, that is my aunt Eileen McKean. She is alive and living in Salt Lake City. If you send me an email at I will send you her address.

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