Radio West Rebroadcast: The Doug, Lee and Joe Show

Last May Doug Fabrizio came to Spring City to tape his radio show “Radio West”. With Lee opening the first major exhibition since her illness tonight in Salt Lake City KUER is rebroadcasting the interview today @ 11 AM and again at 7PM. The MP3 will be available to down load for listening for the next couple of months.

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  1. Abdo Says:

    Hey guys,Picked up my first iPhone a couple weeks back (3GS) and steumlbd across your podcast. I listened to the latest, and really dug it, so I’ve gone back to the first and am making my way through. Love it!Question for ya I’m a voice actor in Los Angeles, and am looking for a good way to record my auditions on the go. I have been hipped to programs like iProRecorder and FiRe, but have yet to find an input device that can sound semi professional. I used to have an iPod Touch, and I tried the Alesis ProTrack rig, but that sounded awful. I then moved on to the Blue Microphones Mikey, which I read good things about, but realized after it arrived that it wasn’t compatible with the Touch, so I returned it.Now that I finally have an iPhone (a.k.a. God Phone), maybe I should give Blue Mikey another whirl. Before I do though, I was wondering if you fellahs had any input on the subject.By the way, you both will have definitely heard my voice at some point as WOW players. I did the voice for Illidan. Har.Keep kicking ass!

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