Back in the mud

img_1224.JPG img_1228.JPG img_1855.JPG
Between the September/October Grand Canyon river trip,
img_2796.JPG img_2799.JPG img_2800.JPG
Lee’s recent injury (fractured pelvis, fractured sacrum and concussion attendant to falling off a horse)
and the usual fall chores like getting wood in for the kiln….
img_2827.JPG img_0181.JPG
it has taken me a while to get the wheel rolling again.
Here are some stills from the blur that the past week has been.
img_2837.JPG img_2840.JPG img_01731.JPG
If I am ever in doubt about where to start I warm up with various sized mugs.
img_2845.JPG img_2846.JPG
Bread bakers.
img_2848.JPG img_2856.JPG img_2854.JPG
img_2859.JPG img_2860.JPG
Jugs. I always stack the top of my bag wall with jugs or some other tall items.

I’ll be throwing for the next few days and then turning my attention to glazing and firing.


2 Responses to “Back in the mud”

  1. gary Hatcher Says:

    Love those wet pots. Beautiful handling of clay and attention to detail. I also do a run of pitchers or bottles for the bag wall of the kiln. Serious ashing and patterns in that area….some cracking as well from time to time. Will make it to your shop one of these days.

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