Grand Canyon Photography Adventure: September 21- OCTOBER 8, 2012

Join other professional and amateur photographers for 18 days in the Grand Canyon traveling by oar powered rafts down 226 miles of the Colorado River.
Lee’s Ferry mile 0

I’m Joe Bennion a licensed Grand Canyon River guide, potter and amateur photographer. I have been running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon since 1992. I and my wife painter Lee Udall Bennion now organize special charter trips and lead them through the Canyon. Our trips are all outfitted by Tour West, a licensed Grand Canyon Outfitter. It occurred to us to put together a special trip geared to the needs of photographers. This is not a class or workshop, just a chance to travel with other serious artists during the beautiful low angle light of early autumn on a schedule that is designed around the needs of photographers. The group will be limited to 16 passengers. Spaces will be reserved first come first served by a non-refundable $500.00 deposit. The total cost of the trip will be about $4500.00 pending park service approval. If you have questions don’t hesitate to call me at 435-462-2708 or on my cell phone 435-262-0582.
Joe Bennion
PO Box 186
Spring City, UT 84662

Bass Camp mile 108
Desert Palisades mile 70.5
Water Weird mile 33

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”

Fluted Schist mile 211
Schist and Mud at Schist Camp mile 96
Eminence Hike mile 44
Nankoweep Delta mile 52
Erica in Clear Creek mile 84
Louisa and Lee Enter Lava Falls mile 179
210 Mile Canyon
Moon Set mile 29
Morning Ocotillo mile 122
Nords at Zoroaster Camp mile 84.5
Stone Creek Collared Lizard mile 132
Water Marks in Blacktail Canyon mile 120
Jeff Going Big in Lava Falls mile 179
Raven mile 29
Tapeats Creek mile 135
Marble Canyon Below Cave Spring mile 26
Clear Creek mile 84
Mule Deer at Nankoweep Canyon mile 52
Blacktail Reflections mile 120
Fern Glen mile 168
Owl Eyes Camp mile 134.5
Upstream View mile 33
Deer Creek mile 136
All photography Joe Bennion

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  1. Collin Says:


    These are great shots. Definitely not your average hobby photographer…. must have had some art training or something! ;)

  2. Lost Coyote Says:

    Great pictures…just stupidly beautiful…

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