Firing #73 results.

I unloaded the kiln Friday afternoon and got them transported into the studio before dark. Here are some typical pieces.
20 lb bread bowl
img_0357.JPG img_0358.JPG img_0359.JPG
Three large chargers
I had an order for 13 of these 6 lb jars so I fired 16 and was lucky that they all came out well.
img_0371.JPG img_0362.JPG
Two fluted bowls.
img_0368.JPG img_0369.JPG img_0379.JPG
Four pitchers with detail. I am beginning to get these sweet drips fairly often with this kiln. I have fired it 73 times since building it in 1999 and the glaze has built up enough that they are happening a lot.
img_0364.JPG img_0365.JPG
Footed diamond dishes.
img_0366.JPG img_0367.JPG
Small bowls with some nice flashing.
Pie dish with tree decoration.
Small covered bowl that could go as sugar bowls or butter pots.
Faceted bowls.
Two MacKenzie salt shakers. One has a nice drip.
img_0377.JPG img_0378.JPG img_0380.JPG
Mugs in all sizes are money.
Tumblers go out the door at a pretty good clip too.
Ten pound vases do sell too quickly but are fun to make.

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  1. ang Says:

    what a great firing the fluted pieces are charmers and what groovy feet on those bowls too..

  2. Lost Coyote Says:

    good stuff

  3. andy Says:


  4. Michèle Says:

    i like the large chargers with impressed lettering… of course everything else is beautiful too! i have admired your work for many years.

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