New Work

Yes, this is after all a potter’s journal. Here is what I am currently doing in the studio.
30lb bowls and some hump molded platters.
24 inch long baking dishes.

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  1. Jenny Mauro Hicks Says:

    Beautiful pots Joe! Are you receiving less spam now? Looking quickly through the logs it does look like the new filter is catching most, if not all, of it. Hope this is the case! - Jenny

  2. Aryene Says:

    I like tree branches deceartod with those ornaments- you can spray the tree branch with metallic paint and glitter to dress it up if you’d like and set it upright in a vase or pot of sand or rocks.For the cake stand it may look even better with a strand of lights wandering inside as well.You could decoupage on favorite Christmas scenes for more indivisually unique decorationsDecorating the outside is pretty and sure to use lots as wellWe used to use them to create archways in doorways as well- each was tied onto a pretty Christmas ribbonUse them to wrap presents- either tie one onto a ribbon around a box or fill one with small items (candy, jewelry, a gift card receipt, cash) and let the recipient break it open.

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