The last August Pots

I have been back from the Salmon a week and am just finishing the throwing for my September firing. I’ll be trimming tomorrow and loading and firing the wood kiln next week. The sale is on September 11.
img_0181.JPG img_0193.JPG img_0182.JPG
The scene of the crime and my muse.
I made a couple of dozen small jars like this for honey pots. People have been bugging me about them all summer.
img_0172.JPG img_0173.JPG
Tumblers make good fillers.
img_0174.JPG img_0175.JPG img_0176.JPG
Ed Palmer once said that mugs are money. I sure run out of them quickly.
Large serving bowls, think potatoes, salad, etc.
Detail of bowl decoration featuring a cord wrapped roller.
img_0185.JPG img_0187.JPG
Large and small bowls with spouts, gravy, sauces, batter etc.
Faceted bowls.
My standard soup bowl.
The footed diamond dish lives.
My version of the butter pot.


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  1. Joanne aka Ellany Says:

    Joe, don’t you love pots in the green state? I do! These are so lovely. So I guess I’ve been using my “butter pot” as a sugar bowl for all these years! I love it though.
    I just started making pots again. It has been a while since I’ve been is the swing because of teaching a lot. Going into the studio today! Yay! Happy trimming to you and have a great day.

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