On the Roid Again

Years ago when we were all younger I bought an old (1953) GMC flat bet with my friend Bruce Burnham. The truck was used to haul firewood, coal, lodgepole pine, firebrick and whatever else needed to be moved. The old boy did some serious duty in his time. The Roid (short for Hemroid) was the baddest ride in Sanpete County all through the eighties and early nineties. On a trip from Salt Lake hauling fire brick for my wood kiln in ht early nineties he lost a wheel and the program ground to a halt. The rear dual wheel went one way and I and the Roid went on down the road flattening one side of the brake drum. I towed the Roid home and it has been parked here ever since. Kent.jpgA few years ago, after considerable searching at junk yards, I got a new brake drum to replace the one messed up in the fire brick incident so I could move the truck into my lot to keep the city from citing me for having it parked in their right of way.

Saturday morning I drained the old gas out of it, put new fuel in the tank and dropped a new 6 volt battery in the truck. The old Roid fired right up and purred like a cat. I was delighted and relieved as I had arranged for Zina to bring a crew of her college buddies down to help us move the logs for our future home to our new lot. We purchased the logs (a disassembled 1880’s house ) from Scott Anderson and Kent Perkins. Kent dropped by to see how the project was going. I think the He and Scott are glad that we will be re-habing the old house and living in it.


Zina and her crew of six spent Friday night in Spring City and after eating breakfast with us and got right into moving the logs. The longest of the logs were 34 feet and weighed a lot. I was very glad for a bunch of young healthy folks to help out.

roidride1.jpgW.C. Fields said that youth is wasted on the young. I am just glad there is such a thing as young people inj the world.

longlog.jpgUp at the new lot we stacked the logs on blocks in preparation for wrapping them with water proof material for the winter. Building can’t start any sooner than Spring and may be much later depending on financing and the sale of our current home.

churchroid.jpgWe made four or five trips to get all of the logs moved. The lot where the logs have been stored has just been sold to our friends Russ and Sharon Evans. They will be building a commercial building on the site. It is a sweet location, right across from the LDS Meeting House. I think they plan to open an antique shop of some sort. It will be a great improvement to Spring City’s Main Street.

CalebandZi.jpgCaleb and Zina horsing around.

goose.jpgJoe the Potter takes one for the team. That really hurt!

LindseyZi.jpgLinsey Pack and Zina showing the boys just how it is done. Girls can do!

roidshot.jpgNow that is one fine piece of machinery. Moving the Bennion’s log house adds to a long list of mythic tasks this old six banger has accomplished.

crew.jpgThe log pile was finished none to soon. Pictured here are (L to R) Chris Nielsen, Kendall Wilcox, Davey Ornegri, Lindsey Pack, Adam Barlow, JTP, and Zina. Missing from the photo are Ash Sanders, Jason Brown and Caleb Proulx. They went home early and others showed up late. It was a great day with great kids. At lunch we fed them on a new recipe of mine I call “Four Square Medicine Chilli. It features Venison, beans, squash and corn. They must have liked it……. no leftovers.

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