Leaving my post for a few days.

I’ll be leaving tomorrow in the afternoon to go to Moab, Utah to rig and launch a river trip in Cataract Canyon of the Colorado River. I have been making pots, gardening and generally what ever needs doing around the place. Here are some of the pots.

library-16998.jpg library-16999.jpg library-17000.jpg
These bowls are thrown from thirty pounds of clay. The rim is textured by rolling a bisqued clay cylinder over it.
library-17002.jpg library-17034.jpg library-17048.jpg
I am making jugs in three sizes, 3 lbs, 4.5 lbs and 6 lbs.

library-17005.jpg library-17001.jpg
I also made a run of these crocks. Lee wanted a couple for the kitchen so I made a bunch for her to choose from.

library-17027.jpg library-17029.jpg library-17050.jpg
I made these vases with handles in the same three sizes as the jugs.

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