Last pots before the deluge.

Preparing for the river also means getting the pots made. I had hoped to get a firing off before leaving but that will not be the case. I did get enough made that I can fire a soon as I return in late March. Lee and I are driving south this morning and the last week has been a blur of boat repair (one valve had to be replaced), general gear rigging and food packing. We are ready and actually had time last night to host Zina and several of her friends for a home cooked roast beef dinner.
here are some of the last pots:
library-13562.jpg library-13564.jpg library-13563.jpg library-13573.jpg

A my friend Ed Palmer used to say, “Mugs are money.”

library-13569.jpg library-13570.jpg
So are these little bowls that stack rim to rim and foot to foot under my bottom shelf , and they are fun to make.

I’ll be back…..

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  1. gz Says:

    we’ll be waiting for you :-)

  2. Mauri Collins Says:

    We knew a potter called Ed Palmer - he went to Southern Utah State College in the early 1970s - and helped fire pots in our wood-fired kiln - we lived 8 miles out of Cedar City, UT. Could this be the same Ed Palmer? Steve Strebel and Mauri Collins (Strebel) would like to know….801-973-0367 I still have some of his mugs…

    Thank you

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