Why I am not going to NCECA.

Last April Lee and I went to NCECA in Phoenix together. We had a great time. We had a show together at the Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale. We had talked about attending the 2010 NCECA Conference in Philladelphia, PA. Then this letter came two weeks ago:
The letter starts like this:
Dear Joseph Bennion,
Thank you for submitting an application in the Grand Canyon National Park noncommercial river trip lottery. We are pleased to inform you that your lottery application was successful and we have scheduled a Standard trip for you to launch from Lees Ferry on February 26, 2010.”
Though the trip is listed as “Standard” (up to 16 participants) Lee and I are not taking anyone besides ourselves on this trip. We will launch on the date specified and run for 28 days to Pearce Ferry at mile 280 on the river. We have been sceming on this one for about three years, ever since we went down Cataract Canyon on a similar one boat, two person trip. It was one of the best things we had ever done and we decided then that we would do a trip like that in the Grand Canyon.
We submitted to the 2010 river permits lottery in February of 2009 and finally got lucky on January 9 this year. We have five more weeks to get ready. I’ll be throwing and firing a lot of pottery and going through gear. Lee is handling the logistics of gear rental, car schuttle arrangemnts and finding a house sitter. It will all come together on time.
first-chance.jpg nanko-wall.jpg larry-at-nanko2.jpg andyblacktail.jpg coolrock.jpg
garydiamond.jpg hooverlava3.jpg loulava1.jpg
heron.jpg collared.jpg lee-hat.jpg stepping-into-north.jpg whitmore.jpg lats-in-clear.jpg nationalmatt.jpg clear-creek.jpg
nords-reads.jpg still-there.jpg collaed2.jpg

I’m sure you get the picture. We will be taking a commercial trip through the Canyon in June that still has seats open. Click here for details. See you there.

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4 Responses to “Why I am not going to NCECA.”

  1. michael Says:

    Wow, Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful. Now, crank out those pots!!

  2. mfb Says:

    Good for you, This is I am sure the same effect of me drawing a “bull elk” permit in Alaska or a buck permit on the book cliffs. GOOD FOR YOU! enjoy!

  3. connie Says:

    Your photos are incredible…..looks like an amazing adventure….
    I’d make the same choice….

  4. Lost Coyote Says:

    I wish I had as good an excuse NOT to go to the NCECA…

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