Maynard Dixon Bennion 2000-2009

Our good dog Dixon followed his brother Kane down the West Road today. Because the kiln is cooling I took the day off. I was out walking in the hills west of Spring City with our three dogs when a hunter shot him through the chest with an arrow. He claimed that Dixon was chasing game and that Utah law allows him to kill dogs that harass game. I will not bother you with details of the case. It doesn’t matter. My friend is dead. My body aches all over. Telling Lee was the hardest thing I have done in a long time. My next task is to wait on my heart to soften so I can forgive. It is a tall order, but part of the path that I signed onto.
I posted an album of images of Dix on FaceBook.

Our good friend Kate Mcleod posted this vid on Youtube that says some of what I am feeling.

“I’m making peace with losing a loved one
Lark in the morning, let it go free”

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12 Responses to “Maynard Dixon Bennion 2000-2009”

  1. Patricia Griffin Says:

    I’m sorry to read of your loss. Dixon looks like one of those very fine dogs that you never forget. I admire your willingness to wait for the ability to forgive. It’ll come.

  2. Hollis Engley Says:

    That stinks, Joe. Dixon looks a lot like our son and daughter in law’s dog Hopi, in Seattle. It does take some time to forgive that kind of mean act.

  3. pauline Says:

    Tears spilling as I read this entry.

  4. Lost Coyote Says:

    I don’t know what to say. My first thought is sabotage.

    Whatever a dog can do to harass these “hunters”, I can do more.

    And I use that term, Hunters, very lightly in this case. This so called “hunt” meets the elk at their weakest…as they ravage the valley for whatever winter feed they can find. The elk are baited with hay, shot while tangled in fences, and run through wheel-lines and corrals in a very in-glorious chase. I’ve seen these things. If these hunters were men, the’d meet the elk on the elk’s terms, in the canyons and mountains…

    None of that helps you though.

    I am sorry.

  5. Tracey Says:

    My heart absolutely breaks for you. A dog that has a first, middle and last name is a dog that is truly loved. oddly enough, I had a long talk on the way to school today with my daughter about forgiveness and how I had to let go of a lot of anger once because the anger was just hurting me so bad. After I was able to give it up the hurt was less. We “adopted” a yellowstone wolf for Wes last year because of her anger over the hunters there. Maybe you could do something like that for Dixon’s memory. It supports a great effort. Anyway, my best to you at this very sad time, there are really no good words, are there?

  6. jim Says:

    this is the saddest thing, i’m so sorry for you… aside from being sad though, this is totally outrageous and i have trouble believing that this is legal. this “hunter”, it seems to me, just wants to shoot animals and how is it determined whether a pet is “harassing” game or not. sounds like a convenient excuse to do whatever you like. i won’t continue because it won’t help you, i hope you can get past this and shed the sorrow and anger.

  7. Linda Starr Says:

    So, so very sorry about your dog.

    That’s just pure meanness that someone would shoot a dog like that and claim they did it for that reason I hope that person can live with themselves and the pain they have caused.

    You’re a better person than me, I would definitely be thinking vengence.

    It’s a sad day to me in this world that a pet is worth less than the right to hunt.

    Again so sorry about your dog.

  8. Lori Buff Says:

    This is the first time I’m reading your blog and it has made me cry. I am so sorry for your loss. It has to be a very difficult thing for you. Forgiving is the best thing you can do for yourself and Dixon. Often when I feel bad about something I try to do something benevolent to help heal, something for animal rights and anti-hunting seems appropriate right now.
    Hugs to you.

  9. TIm Kli Says:

    This only goes to prove what I have thought for a long time :
    Hunters are assholes.

  10. Joe Says:

    Utah Code, Title 18, Chapter 1, Section 3. It reads as follows:
    “Any person my injure or kill a dog while:
    (1) the dog is attacking, chasing or worrying:
    (a) a domestic animal having a commercial value;
    (b) a service animal, as defined in Section 62A-5b-102; or
    (c) any species of hoofed protected wildlife;
    (2) the dog is attacking domestic fowls; or
    (3) the dog is being pursued for committing an act described in Subsection (1) or (2).”

  11. scott in jupiter Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t think I would be able to let that hunter walk away unharmed.

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