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The Smell of a Kiss

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Lee stayed home from the river trip so she could attend a reception at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City where she was honored with a purchase award for this painting, “The Smell of a Kiss”. The painting is part of the LDS Church’s International Art Competition held every two years.

Cataract Canyon with Adah

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Adah and I went down the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon last week with Shonpa Yeshi, Rick Gate, his two children Ali and Ryan. Lee was to have been on the trip but stayed home to attend the awards ceremony for the Ninth International Art Competition sponsored by the LDS Church in Salt Lake City. She was receiving a purchase award and thought it bad form to blow off the ceremony.
Rick Gate
Shonpa Yeshi is a student at Wasatch Academy in nearby Mount Pleasant. They are on Spring Break and it was to far for him to go home to the Tibetan refugee camp where he lives in India.
Rick and his kids Ryan and Alison at the top of the MIneral Bottom road that leads to where we launched our trip on the GReen river 52 miles upstream from the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers.
This is the newly rebuilt Mineral Bottom road. It blew out in a flash flood incident in 2010.
Adah rowed a lot of the time. I was enjoying being a tourist/passenger. I spelled her from time to time.
The Butte of the Cross.
Looking down stream on the Green River from a butte above Fort Bottom.
An abandoned granary on the river side.
Camp on the Green River.
Looking northeast from the Doll’s House at the head of Cataract Canyon. Rick and the kids hiked up to the Doll’s House a few miles down stream form the confluence while I napped and read on my boat. I am still recovering from knee surgery in December and am not able to hike very well.

Evenings around the camp fire were very good.