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2011 The Letter

Monday, December 26th, 2011

OK, here is the Bennion Family’s 2011 “Letter”. It is mostly images and that is what it is. Lee and Joe both took trips to Europe mostly to visit Louisa. We find that traveling separately works as we don’t have to find someone to house sit. We really can’t leave the house untended because of all of our animals. There are 11 animals including horses, dogs and chickens all needing attention at least twice a day. The dogs are the big problem because they share the house with us. Joe had four river trips two of which Lee was on. Lee had three river trips. One of them was with friends and not Joe. The garden was a great delight and a lot of work as was the orchard. Working with the land to produce food has always been a passion for Joe. Lee is getting into it through the orchard. Both worked hard on pruning, organic pest control and picking and preserving the fruit. The pottery and painting end of things has been gratifying too. Providence continues to shine on us in material as well as spiritual ways.
Lee got her new Mom’s Stuff shop built and made her first batch of salve there just before the Christmas holiday. She also launched her new web site for Mom’s Stuff. Business has blossomed and she now has a nice place to make salve and pack orders. She wants to continue to grow the business by word of mouth so please think about sending a link to her web site to your friends. The girls continue to thrive. The big news there is that Adah came back from New York and is currently working at Wasatch Academy and studying at Snow College. Zina is still working there also and is very busy with it. Louisa is living the high life in Southern France where she live up in the French Maritime Alps of Haute Provence. She busies herself helping friends who run a bed and breakfast inn there, making music and writing. Here are the images. God Bless you all and have a prosperous and happy New Year.

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