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Been on the river a bit.

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

I’m sorry for the long break in posting. I have been preoccupied with a couple of long Grand Canyon River trips and the attendant catching up at home that six weeks away over two months can bring on. Above is a video promoting our next trip in 2012. Following are several from the last trip. I can’t express properly how important this trip was for me. It brought together a lot of things. I am leaving Monday for another three weeks away, this time Cataract Canyon near Moab, Utah.

Our trip leader Bruce was always saying that if you are in the Grand Canyon and you are too hot it is only because you are stupid. GET WET!

Whether the Little Colorado River is running Mediterranean Blue or muddy it is a great place to stop and play.

This video captures a serendipitous happening at Blacktail Canyon. Leonard and Kathryn Romney are the dancers. Read the blog entry he wrote here .

Our runs at Lava Falls were down the left side, something I haven’t done since the 1990’s. It was a big ride.

Havasu Creek is a must see for every trip through the Grand Canyon. Whether you go long to Beaver Falls or just find a quiet place to eddy out it is a day to remember.