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The Potter’s Holiday

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

I like people. I think they are beautiful as individuals and as family groups. That is one side benefit of making a living the way I do. As the nation sat down together in homes all over America and beyond I thought of how many of my pots were being employed in the holiday meal. It is probably more than at any other time. I’m sure every other potter who makes his or her trade in utilitarian wares has the same thoughts. I love the interaction I have with people who visit my shop. I have spent many an hour…or afternoon talking on and on with folks as I throw and they watch. It is pleasant. They seem to like it and it doesn’t slow me down any.
I have always had my Holiday/Christmas sale start the day after Thanksgiving Day. I wasn’t thinking about the day being a potter’s holiday it just seemed good. I see that many of my peers do the same. I hold the sale over two weekends because with the fall weather being what it is in the mountain west it is wise to build in a bad weather day. It is a great time. I get to visit a lot and get feed back on the work. I love watching people make up their minds.
This year Zina was gone to Austin for the holiday so her friends Laura Prenot volunteered to help me with the shop on the sale days. She was invaluable. She kept the pots flowing while I paid attention to people. Here are Caleb, Alison and Laura, all friends of Zina’s.
Ray Oman and his very fine mate Annie getting away with a pie dish.
Bugdog, part of the Eskelsen entourage.
A musical people. The Shultz family.
the Ericson sisters Bella and Kadee. Bella is learning cosmetics.