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Saturday, September 4th, 2010

I trimmed the last batch of pots and made a few little fillers which are all the small things that go in the nooks and crannies where nothing else will fit. I got them all in the bisque firing that I lit this morning. I made cone packs and started getting things ready for glazing and loading when the bisque is out on Monday. Not a bad way to spend my birthday. lee and I will go to a German barn dance this evening, lots of brats and such.
img_0195.JPG img_0196.JPG
Mortar and pestel sets.
img_0197.JPG img_0198.JPG img_0200.JPG
The “MacKenzie” salt shaker, shot glasses and sake cups.
img_0202.JPG img_0203.JPG
Coffee cups and beer steins.