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August pots

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I’ll be heading for the Salmon River next Wednesday fro a week long trip. I’m making what I can when I can to get ready for the September 11 studio tour. I’ll be firing right before the tour about September 8 or 9.
I’m working on an order fro 13 of these cookie jars. Because I need 13 keepers I’ll throw 18-20 of them and let the client pick. If I made 13 only Murphy’s Law of pottery would kick in and I’d be short. Rather than throw the lid and add the knob after trimming it I throw the lid in place. It works OH on small lids like these. If I am making a large lid like for a big casserole dish. I’ll add the knob after trimming the lid.

library-20474.jpg library-20475.jpg library-20476.jpg
These platters are thrown with 15 lbs of clay. They are about 16-17 inches in diameter.

img_9198.JPG img_9201.JPG
1.5 lb faceted tea bowls for filling in around the platters.

img_9202.JPG img_9216.JPG img_9212.JPG
Jugs for the top of the bag wall.
The kids come by every day for a bit of clay to mess with. I remember how fun that was when I was little. It seemed like magic material.
Tennessee came by with a load of curious tourists.