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Last pots before the deluge.

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Preparing for the river also means getting the pots made. I had hoped to get a firing off before leaving but that will not be the case. I did get enough made that I can fire a soon as I return in late March. Lee and I are driving south this morning and the last week has been a blur of boat repair (one valve had to be replaced), general gear rigging and food packing. We are ready and actually had time last night to host Zina and several of her friends for a home cooked roast beef dinner.
here are some of the last pots:
library-13562.jpg library-13564.jpg library-13563.jpg library-13573.jpg

A my friend Ed Palmer used to say, “Mugs are money.”

library-13569.jpg library-13570.jpg
So are these little bowls that stack rim to rim and foot to foot under my bottom shelf , and they are fun to make.

I’ll be back…..

More from the lap of the world

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

library-17023.jpg library-17020.jpg library-17018.jpg library-17015.jpg
Female Northern Flicker, Redtail Hawk, female and male Redwinged Blackbird

Leaving my post for a few days.

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

I’ll be leaving tomorrow in the afternoon to go to Moab, Utah to rig and launch a river trip in Cataract Canyon of the Colorado River. I have been making pots, gardening and generally what ever needs doing around the place. Here are some of the pots.

library-16998.jpg library-16999.jpg library-17000.jpg
These bowls are thrown from thirty pounds of clay. The rim is textured by rolling a bisqued clay cylinder over it.
library-17002.jpg library-17034.jpg library-17048.jpg
I am making jugs in three sizes, 3 lbs, 4.5 lbs and 6 lbs.

library-17005.jpg library-17001.jpg
I also made a run of these crocks. Lee wanted a couple for the kitchen so I made a bunch for her to choose from.

library-17027.jpg library-17029.jpg library-17050.jpg
I made these vases with handles in the same three sizes as the jugs.

The Dream Trip: Camp 10, March 11

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

I think someone at Glen Canyon Dam has been smoking crack rock. I can make no sense of the flow regimen at this point. The night we spent at Randy’s Rock the water started coming up around 8 pm. When I got up at 5:30 am to check the water had already gone out again. ?????

library-14616.jpg library-14621.jpg library-14631.jpg library-14640.jpg
Camped away from the water it took us a while to get the gear to the boat and ready to launch. We were rigged and launched by 9 am. It was a clear crisp morning. We enjoyed the float down to Specter Rapid. I was able to stay fairly dry in Specter by cutting left through the lateral waves at the top. Below Specter we stopped to look at the waterfall on river right between Specter and Bedrock.

library-14655.jpg library-14660.jpg library-14669.jpg library-14672.jpg library-14675.jpg
We scouted Bedrock and decided to take a stroll up the creek there. I have always thought I should do that but have never taken the time. As you can see from these pics it is sweet. There is a lot of variety in the rock. She looks good in her Kokatat, eh?
library-14676.jpg bedrock.jpg

As we were getting back to the boat a party we had not encountered yet came up to scout. They launched on Monday, March 1. The permit holder was a guy named Raven. We scouted with them and asked if we could run with them through Bedrock and Dubendorff. We ran first and had a very clean run staying way right of the rock. My last encounter with BR I ran left and was not keen to do it again. Above is an image from that run. Note how FULL the boat is. We were bailing for a long time. We also ran Dubendorf with the Raven group. My run was good except that when I made it past the Table Rock I got too much into celebrating and almost hung up on the rock below on rive right.

library-14693.jpg library-14709.jpg library-14715.jpg
Raven tried to get us to lunch with them at Stone Creek but we prefered to have a floating lunch. We stopped and looked at a nice little ephemeral waterfall on river right above mile 133 Mile Creek. Above Tapeats Creek was saw the group who launched on February 28. They were laid over at Racetrack, a small and miserable camp who’s only virtue is its proximity to Tapeats Creek. In Granite Narrows we stopped to check out some cool rocks and take pictures of the view upstream looking at Powell Plateau.

library-14732.jpg library-14741.jpg library-14748.jpg library-14751.jpg
Though we had planned to mostly only stop and hike places we had not tried before we decided to stop at Deer Creek. It was late in the day and there was no one else there. Having a place like Deer Creek to ourselves was something not to be missed.
library-14754.jpg library-14756.jpg library-14757.jpg library-14761.jpg library-14765.jpg library-14776.jpg library-14777.jpg library-14781.jpg library-14800.jpg library-14821.jpg library-14824.jpg library-14825.jpglibrary-14834.jpg library-14836.jpg
The Deer Creek Narrows are sacred to the Southern Paiute peoples. Their belief is that this is where the spirits of the dead come to pass out of this world and into the next. It is the portal. The hand pictographs found here represent the ones who have passed on. Many people visit this beautiful place each year unaware of its significance. Some lower themselves on ropes into the narrows below the foot path. This is offensive to the Paiute. This is their most sacred site. Some rappel out of the narrows down the path of the waterfall. This is illegal and can end in a citation and fine.
How often do you see this? Deer creek is usually a circus. After the stop at deer creek we floated down and made out camp at Poncho’s Kitchen, a lovely over hung beach on river left at mile 137. Poncho’s is special to us. It was Paul Frisby’s favorite camp. Paul passed away in 1998 while preparing for a Grand Canyon trip that he was not able to make.
Dinner was red enchilada casserole in the dutch oven. It was warm so we slept out watching the stars pinwheel around Polaris.