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Sunday, November 8th, 2009

One of my standard production items is an oval platter made with a rolled out slab on a plaster hump mold. I have made them for a lot of years but only this last year started making them with textured slabs like this.

library-12571.jpg library-12572.jpg slab-and-roller.jpg

I have never gotten around to getting a proper slab roller. I still roll them out by hand with out any sort of gage to get the thickness consistent. I like that aspect of them.

library-12568.jpg library-12569.jpg library-12570.jpg library-12574.jpg library-12573.jpg

The mold is one I made years ago while still a student. I borrowed a wooden bowl and poured plaster into it to get this negative of the shape I want to make the piece. The slab is laid on the mold and the gross clay is trimmed away with a needle tool. After patting the clay a little I trim the clay to fit the mold and pat it a bit more. The clay sets up for a day or so and I remove it from the mold and round the rim with a rib tool.

library-12611.jpg library-12612.jpg

The roulette used here was made by winding a piece of cord around a cylinder of soft clay.

library-12606.jpg library-12607.jpg

This roulette was impressed with the thin edge of a wooden rib.

library-12614.jpg library-12613.jpg

This slab was textured with a wooden roller that has cord glued to its surface.

library-12615.jpg library-12616.jpg

Here I used a narrow wooden roller with fine cord glued to it.