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The pots I don’t make.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Two different people came in the shop this week asking me if I make a pot they are looking for. I dissapointed both of them. They are pottery types I either disagree with or am plain not interested in making.
Here are two images off of the web illustrating the “chip and dip platter” one lady wanted. I told her I don’t make them because I find them annoying. If you want to serve chips or veggies on a platter with dip then just get a platter and a bowl that is compatible and serve the stuff. If the bowl breaks, which the ones attached to the platter as in these images always do, you can just throw away the bowl and get another one. As I explained this to her she said,”Yes, that is what has happened to the last two I have had.” Seems like a no-brainer to me.
Here are a couple of “French Butter Keepers” I pulled off Google Images. Nice cute little pots that are almost as much conversation piece as utilitarian wares. The problem is I work in stoneware and in order for these to work properly you need earthenware clay. The way they work is you make the outer or lower pot with out glaze and put water in it. The water seeps into the porous clay and evaporates making the pot and water stay cool even in warm weather. The upper pot is glazed on the inside so the butter won’t seep into the porous clay and stink when you can’t clean it properly between uses. I am amused when I see people in this country using these made with non-porous stoneware or porcelain but keeping the pot in the refrigerator so the butter will be cool. Doh!
My butter pot is a small lidded bowl that I recommend the customer fill with a blend of butter and olive oil and keep in a cool place. You can adjust the mixture of oils to the degree of spreadability you like.