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Cooling off

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Photo Credit:Jason Olson, Deseret News
I fired the wood burner yesterday. I have been catching up on some things today and getting the shop ready for the studio tour on Saturday. One aggravation has been the fact that the Deseret News of Salt Lake City printed a couple of stories in Tuesday’s edition about our artist’s studio tour and plein air painting competition. They were very nice pieces except for the fact that they got the dates wrong. They printed that the studio tour was September 9-12. It is only on Saturday. Both yesterday and today a lot of people (80+ each day) have been wandering around town asking where the tickets and guide books for the tour can be purchased. I had to put a sign up at my studio asking people to please not come back to the kiln because I lose concentration and miss my stoking rhythm. For the most part these are people who won’t be coming back Saturday and probably went away a little ticked off. You never want people going away from your event less that very satisfied. It is bad business.
Here are some photos and such that I have not had time to post during the past few days because of hectic kiln packing and firing.
Small and large jugs.
Jug handle detail.
A 12 lb vase thrown in two pieces. After it was joined and had set up a little I put handles on the sides.
Here are the bisqued and glazed pots packed in the kiln and ready to fire. I mostly glaze my surfaces. I leave a little naked clay for the fire to write on but not too much. I finished packing and bricking up the kiln later that I would care to admit.

Spud shines on.

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Our red headed angel left Sunday after a week with us. It is hard to see her go but it is good to see her having her own life. She sent this news today.

Spring City Arts activities this Saturday

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

That’s right kids. Come on down to Spring City this weekend for lots of new art. You can look at the work produced in the Plein Air competition and tour the studios of many of Spring City’s artists. Of special interest will be Lee Udall Bennion’s newly completed studio/barn. Of course the pottery will be open featuring the results of the latest firing of our wood burning kiln. At the pot shop you can also meet Arlin Pritchard who will be displaying his unique petroglyphic stone sculpture.