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Fathers and Sons

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Gabe is a little boy who’s father is unavailable. I am a man with no sons so we work things out. The Ward (LDSpeak for local congregation) had a fathers and sons campout over the last weekend. We went together and had a great time. We ate sourdough biscuits, mutton, dutch oven potatoes and dessert cooked in the same. It was a real Utah Mormon tradition. I was sure to clean his poor little face and hands before returning him to his mother. She wouldn’t have approved. He played himself to the point of exhaustion and slept pretty hard Friday night.
The mutton is fried to a crisp in its own grease. Smells awful but tastes pretty darn good. You had to be there. This little feller was grabbing tasty bits with his Leatherman tool and snarfing them. The sourdough biscuits are heavenly smeared with homemade strawberry freezer jam.
They start them young around here.
Dutch oven cobblers made without female supervision.
Rough big boy games. Gabe can’t wait until he gets big enough. He and the other little guys satisfied them selves with a very smokey marshmallow burning party.