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Long may you run.

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I bought this car in 1977. Built in 1952 by GMC it had been an army ambulance during the Korean Conflict and then a school bus for Nebo School District in Nephi, Utah. When I drove it over to my parent’s home my dad asked “Where did you get that hippie car? After that it was always known as The Hippie. I drove the Hippie all over the west hauling pot s to craft fairs and camping. It was a fine ride. Six cylinders with three speed shifter on the column. Sometime in the nineties she fell into disuse and has sat around since then becoming home to stray cats and wasps. Lee has convinced me to let her go to someone who will restore her the way she deserves. I guess I’ll have to start looking for a good home for the old hippie car.

Walking after the work is done.

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

After laying up the last of the stone Arlin and I went to Ephraim to get the pots I fired in Ed’s little train kiln. It was an order of mortar and pestle sets for the School of Natural Healing. I used Ed’s kiln because I will not be firing my much larger kiln until early September. Ed’s is wood fired and will give results similar to mine…I hoped. The 24 or so pots turned out nicely and the client was happy.
Arlin and I then grabbed some lunch and went hiking up Canal Canyon again. We had a great time gong up Middle Mountain and over to Elleck’s Flat (sorry Mike) by way of the Bucket Trail. Arlin had hoped we would see wild turkeys and we were not disappointed. Arlin found a wing feather and left it in a spruce tree.