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Heading down the road.

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

This is a very busy time. If you don’t see much here that is why. I pulled another firing off and unloaded two days ago. It gave me some of the best stuff I have had for a while. I am scrambling to get things ready so Lee and I can head for Phoenix where we will participate in the NCECA gathering there. Of course there is the show we are having at Marshall Gallery.
It will be a crazy but great week. On the way we will stop in on old friends. Of course half of the valley are Lee’s cousins so there will be that.
When we return I have exactly a week to get ready to head into the Grand Canyon for three weeks with Louisa on a Grand Canyon Field Institute trip on the river. I am planning all of the food so that week will be a blur. Oh, did I mention getting the garden in? Two weeks after the river trip ends is Heritage Day in Spring City and I will need to have the rock on Lee’s new studio up by then. Well, at least it will have gotten started by then. It is the mother of all honey doos.
After Hertiage Day (May 23) Ill get the rest of the stone work done and gear up for our Grand Canyon Charter which launches June 12. Lee and Louisa will be on board for that one. It will include some of our best old river friends. Plans a re well underway for our 2010 river trip. More later.
So, making and firing pottery is off until at least July. I have dinnerware orders stacked up and, with a little luck, will have a bit of restocking to do by then. And then there is the garden. Isn’t life sweet?