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The Body: Intimacy and Intuition

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

The Studio Potter piece is out in print. I highly recommend a subscription to this journal. Their issues are always packed with thoughtful articles and great images. Besides they are nonprofit and need your subscription. Please check out their web site.

MLK: A National Day of Service

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I went to like the email from Mrs. Obama said to but the only organized service events I could find were a couple of blood drives an hour away. I am needle phobic to the max and a cancer boy so I guess that wasn’t happening. I called Zina and we decided to have our own private day of service. I took Gabriel and she took his older sister Juniper for the day. Their single mom didn’t get the day off but had to take a bunch of mentally ill folks on a field trip to Provo so we took her kids and spent the day playing with them. Zina and Jun went out to Zina’s place to clean house and make stuff like cookies and cross stitch. Gaabriel and I went to the museum to see the mammoth bones there. It was a blast. After the museum we dropped by Jock Jones place and watched him work on chairs. After a bit Jock finished the chair he was working on and made a small baseball bat on the lathe for Gabe. He was like to be the grandest tiger in the jungle. Jock’s wife Bonnie came in with fresh hot bread, butter and local honey. We about popped because we ate so much.
After that we went sledding on the flat road going up to Canal Canyon. It was a great MLK day.
mammoth.jpg jock.jpg
Listening to: MLK’s “I Have a Dream ” speach on NPR.