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Yes, we can.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

You have all, no doubt, seen this video. It is old by now but it was in my head all day as i made mugs. Sitting at the wheel I was trying to be present, focusing on what my body was doing. It was hard as I thought back on the images of the night before of this beautiful young man and his family walking onto the runway in Chicago. It was like a strange wonderful dream., a dream that was replacing a long hard nightmare that was very hard to wake up from. How in heaven’s name did the last eight years happen?
Making mugs is great. I love the feel of the clay slipping through my hands on its way to the hands of so many people I may not ever know. I don’t have to think a lot about what I am doing. I do try to observe what is happening. I try to see and feel the joy that the making of vessels is. I try to keep my attention focused on the functioning of my body. I try not to wander into compulsive thought but today it is hard.
I received a text message from Louisa in New York last night about 9 PM “God Bless America”. I wrote back “Stand beside her and guide her…”. Adah called. It was her first election. She was super energized. I thought back on my first election and realized that i had been in Toronto at the time, nineteen years old and on a mission for my church. The authorities had come by enumerating us and registered us to vote in Canada. So I helped elect Pierre Trudeau.
Perhaps Adah has done the world more good than I did with my first vote.