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Trunk or Treat?

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Gabriel and Juniper made their own costumes. These kids are too cute. Their mom is recovering from minor surgery so I took them out on the Halloween thing. In our town all the kids go to the church parkin (that is how Palin says it.) lot. Each car has their tail gate or trunk open and kids go around getting goodies from all the other kids cars. How lame is that?
I guess they do it for the sake of safety. If people want their kids to be safe on Halloween they should go with them and only go to people they personall know. Kids too old for that sort of supervision should not be out doing it any way, There you have my Halloeen rant.
I took the kids around to all of the old folks we know. None of them have little kids so they were at home waiting for tricksters to come to them. Many of them had really gone all out with decorations and such. Some of them were waiting to scare the potties out of the kids and nearly did. It was great fun. The church parking lot was a mad house. (Not the Halloween kind.)