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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

The big stone stacking party was a success. We had some very faithful friends show up and with the help of a hired skidder got a big chunk of te work done. We ran out of pallets about 6 pm on Saturday so we bagged it until I can get back to it in early July after the next river trip. We stacked 78 pallets. The guestimate is that we got about 148 tons of stone loaded onto pallets. I would further guess that it will take about 20-30 more pallets to finish. That is a crazy lot of stone. I’ll begin calculating how much we will need for the bard/studio and home we plan to build.
I left my camera home so there are no pix of the actiion but I will post some of the aftermath when I get back down there on Friday. I do have some cool images of my smashed fingers though. Great colors!