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Let’s go get stoned.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Lee and I are the owners of 70 tons of oolite limestone that we plan to fashion into a home sometime in the next few years here at our new place in Spring City. The stone is in a large pile in Gunnison, Utah.
We need to get it moved up to Spring City. To that end we are having a stone stacking/moving party on Saturday, May 31. We need people willing to help us sort and place the stone on to pallets so it can be loaded onto trucks and hauled up to Spring City. If you can help us that day rsvp so we can talk about time and place. Friends with flatbed trailers are especially welcome.
Most of the stone will go to State Stone’s quarry in Manti to be split. The rest will go to Spring City.
There will hot fun in the summer sun, food and cool cool water.