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Huckabee is speaking to the wrong base.

Monday, February 11th, 2008

My friend Rick pointed me to a story NPR ran last Friday by Barbara Bradley Hagerty about the inside bible-speak that Huckabee used in his “victory speech” after the Super Tuesday primaries. He made numerous references to what I grew up with in Sunday School Bible stories; things like loaves and fishes and taking a big guy down with a small stone, etc. Some of the NPR types decided to go out on the National Mall and ask “Christians” on the street about what these references were. Few to no one could get the references right. I and most Mormons I know are very familiar with these stories and references. Very few Evangelicals could place the stories. Most Evangelicals would vote for Huckabee if given the chance. Few Mormons will vote for him after the string of carefully worded, just below the radar/belt anti-Mormon digs he made running up to Super Tuesday. Am I the only one chuckling about the irony in this?

Lou @ Jack’s

Monday, February 11th, 2008

This video was shot at Jack’s where Louisa works in the West Village.