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Two Old Mormons Talk About politics and Faith.

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Look Unto the Rock Whence Ye Are Hewn.

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

An interview with my cousin Hal Eyring about Pioneer Day observances which will be held tomorrow. Here is a short autobiographical sketch by my great great grandfather John Bennion

Gazing at Roundness.

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Annular Eclipse, Cedar City, Utah


We busted down to Cedar City on Sunday to watch the annular eclipse of the sun with my niece who lives there with her husband and three kids.

The view after the cool eclipse….classic basin and range stuff.

The Smell of a Kiss

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Lee stayed home from the river trip so she could attend a reception at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City where she was honored with a purchase award for this painting, “The Smell of a Kiss”. The painting is part of the LDS Church’s International Art Competition held every two years.

2011 The Letter

Monday, December 26th, 2011

OK, here is the Bennion Family’s 2011 “Letter”. It is mostly images and that is what it is. Lee and Joe both took trips to Europe mostly to visit Louisa. We find that traveling separately works as we don’t have to find someone to house sit. We really can’t leave the house untended because of all of our animals. There are 11 animals including horses, dogs and chickens all needing attention at least twice a day. The dogs are the big problem because they share the house with us. Joe had four river trips two of which Lee was on. Lee had three river trips. One of them was with friends and not Joe. The garden was a great delight and a lot of work as was the orchard. Working with the land to produce food has always been a passion for Joe. Lee is getting into it through the orchard. Both worked hard on pruning, organic pest control and picking and preserving the fruit. The pottery and painting end of things has been gratifying too. Providence continues to shine on us in material as well as spiritual ways.
Lee got her new Mom’s Stuff shop built and made her first batch of salve there just before the Christmas holiday. She also launched her new web site for Mom’s Stuff. Business has blossomed and she now has a nice place to make salve and pack orders. She wants to continue to grow the business by word of mouth so please think about sending a link to her web site to your friends. The girls continue to thrive. The big news there is that Adah came back from New York and is currently working at Wasatch Academy and studying at Snow College. Zina is still working there also and is very busy with it. Louisa is living the high life in Southern France where she live up in the French Maritime Alps of Haute Provence. She busies herself helping friends who run a bed and breakfast inn there, making music and writing. Here are the images. God Bless you all and have a prosperous and happy New Year.

letter-1.png louisa.png letter-3.png letter-4.png

letter-5.png letter-6.png letter-7.png

Ada Vera Webster Udall

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Ada Vera Webster Udall, born March 13, 1927 in NYC died peacefully May 7, 2010 in Provo, UT. Ada was the eldest of 5 children born to of LeRoy Kingsley Webster and Mary Olive Mason. Ada married the love of her life, Addison Richard Udall on August 22, 1946 in The SLC Temple. They had 54 wonderful years together here on earth.
Ada and Addison lived 40 years in Merced, CA where they raised their 5 children. Addison practiced medicine and Ada became a consummate homemaker, mother, wife and devoted member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She was a generous hostess and often shared her home and resources with those in need. She loved her husband, children, grand children, nieces and nephews, and all of her extended family of Websters and Udalls. The Udalls had many dear friends in Merced. Ada and Addison moved to Provo, UT in 1992 to be closer to their children.
She will be remembered for her concern for others, a life of spreading joy and of service, her warm laugh and smile, her gift for making friends and putting people at ease. She also had a great love for animals, and many a dog and cat found heaven on earth in her home. She was intelligent, well read and a willing traveler of the world when she had the chance.

She was preceded in death by Addison (2001) a son Noel (1968) and her parents, and brothers Wayne Webster (Mary) and Scott Webster.

She is survived by 4 children, Marc Richard (Ruth), Sara Henderson (Robert), Lee Bennion (Joe), and Matthew (Geri), 13 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren, sisters Gayle Sims (Bob) and Sharon Harvey (Ray) and numerous nieces and nephews.

A viewing will be held at Berg Mortuary, 185 E. Center in Provo, Utah from 6-8 pm on May 14. Funeral services will be held at the Lindon 19th Ward Meeting House, 44 S. 400 E. Lindon, Utah on May 15th , viewing from 10 am to 10:45 and services beginning at 11 am.

The last pots of 2009

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

After Dixon’s demise I unloaded the last firing of 2009 and conducted the last studio sale as well. Lots of good people came and a good time was had by all. I can’t say that we broke any sales records, but considering the economy we did alright. We have been and continue to be blessed.
library-12918.jpg library-12920.jpg library-12924.jpg library-12930.jpg library-12925.jpg
library-12919.jpg library-12922.jpg library-12923.jpg library-12926.jpg library-12927.jpg library-12928.jpg library-12929.jpg

After these were fired I did make a few more small pots to send out to California for some friends to fire in their New Year’s Eve firing. Those will be 2010 pots.

Friends, family and tourists all came by on the sale days.

lee-geri-matt.jpg schultz-christmas.jpg kenny.jpg
Lee, Geri and Matt The Schultses Kenny Nealand and Joe the Potter
rochanne-and-joe.jpg udall-women-1.jpg udall-women-2.jpg

Rochanne, Joe, Sasha, Sara, Lee, Zina, Esther, Lee, Bev, Rachel, Sarah and Zina.

Zina and Marc Pulsipher.

Maynard Dixon Bennion 2000-2009

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Our good dog Dixon followed his brother Kane down the West Road today. Because the kiln is cooling I took the day off. I was out walking in the hills west of Spring City with our three dogs when a hunter shot him through the chest with an arrow. He claimed that Dixon was chasing game and that Utah law allows him to kill dogs that harass game. I will not bother you with details of the case. It doesn’t matter. My friend is dead. My body aches all over. Telling Lee was the hardest thing I have done in a long time. My next task is to wait on my heart to soften so I can forgive. It is a tall order, but part of the path that I signed onto.
I posted an album of images of Dix on FaceBook.

Our good friend Kate Mcleod posted this vid on Youtube that says some of what I am feeling.

“I’m making peace with losing a loved one
Lark in the morning, let it go free”


Friday, August 21st, 2009

While Juniper’s mother was out visiting with Lee she and I went hiking up Canal Canyon. Jun is Gabe’s sister. W had a great time. She brought cookies, pop and an apple which we shared. We took a trail she had never been on before so she was pretty keen to show it to her mom. On the trail we visited Craig’s grave. He was “Uncle Craig” to her.
Of course the doggie boys came along. They would not stand still.

Grand Canyon Charter June 2009

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

We have been home from our 2009 June river trip for two and a half weeks. It has taken me a while to get the photos up as I have been out on another river trip and busy trying to get caught up here at home. It was a sweet trip with Lee, Louisa and me on crew with Steve Bocagno as well. Here are few images worth a thousand words each to give you a sense of the adventure. We are currently booking for our 2010 june trip.
Lee’s brother Marc joined us with his wife Ruth, her sister Louise and Marc and Ruth’s daughter Sarah.
Paul Bakkom came with his son Erik.
Susan Weeks and Mark Conley and their friend Judy Stone joined us from Colorado.
Julia came to us by way of Tour West. She was a fine addition.
Paul and Erik hanging out. The canyon is a great family place.
Are we having fun yet? Joe leads Team Bedrock on a tour of the left side of everyones favorite obstacle. Can you tell that the boat got COMPLETELY full? In this photo the boat is just coming down from a mighty highside effort by the crew. Also check out how quickly Steve Boccagno got up on top of Bedrock with a throw rope. It is nice to have that kind of people backing you up on the crew.
In the eddy below Bedrock Joe finds out how hard it is to move a boat full of water as the team bails.
Team Bedrock at Owl Eyes beach.
Joe catc hes a nap at the Deer Creek Patio later that day.
Hanging out at Doris camp after the Bedrock fun.
Louisa engaging in a little chub petting during a lunch break at 60 mile rapids.
Who needs dishwashers?
Lee and Sarah lead the Diaper Train at the Little Colorado.
Not only can she clean a peanut butter knife she can make great Freedom Toast.
Marc caught this heron and digitized it.
“No s**t, there I was…” That is how all good boatman stories start.
“If you take that picture I am going to stick this carrot in you.”
The nightly game of pick up sticks.
Petting fish….kissing rocks, what is next?
Louisa Becker, our hero, hiking Havasu nine months after bilateral knee replacement surgery.
I don’t know, it just happened.
Why are these canyoneers smiling? The picture was shot at the shady ledges below Lava Falls.
When the going gets tough, the tough find a rock and pass out on it.
Stepping into North Canyon.
The pool at North canyon.
The true happy hour.
Reaching for it.
Actually the only reason Lee gets to come is because she looks so good on the front tube of the boat.
After the coffee, the ecstacy.
Oh gosh, not Tuna Creek again?
After the nap at Blacktail.
Would you let this guy row you down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon?
Erik catching some quiet time at Matkatamiba.
My new Black Diamond Mega Lite came in handy when it tried to rain one night.
Marc snapped this amazing image at Havasu. The Grand Canyon makes everyone into a better photographer.
Sarah resting up for more fun at Last Chance camp.
Team Havasu demonstrating the Monkey dance that got us off the rock in the top of Havasu Rapids.
The game.
This was the Bennion Grand Canyon charter trip 2009.
Floating to the chopper pad the last morning.
Hiho Silver….away.