Louisa is creative writing graduate of Cornell University and is living in NYC working as a barista in the coffee industry. She is also up to her ears in the Irish music scene, playing in various sessions around the city several nights a week. She plays the English concertina. She will be working as a guide on several Grand Canyon river trips with Joe for Tour West this summer and then back to NY for a few months and then off to a tiny town Southern France where she plans to spend the year 2010, getting back into her writing.

Zina was hired by her High School Alma Mater, Wasatch Academay! She started working for them Mid August 2009 as an administrator in charge of Experiencial Education, Service Learning and International Travel. She is very excited and well qualified for this post. We are thrilled to have her so close by with sucha dream job.

Adah is living in NYC and also working as a barista serving coffee. She has lots of young friends and loves life in the Big Apple. We miss her and sometimes wonder if we will ever see or hear from her again, and then she calls and fills us in on the details of her life and her friends. She has two rats, Mary Olive and Monster Truck (both females).

Our four-legged family consists of 4 dogs, "The Littles" Andy and Jacques (Taco) and "The Bigs" Ernie and Dixon. Daily walks or bike rides with the dogs keep us in shape! We also have 6 hens and one rooster that keep us supplied with delicious eggs, and 2 horses, Brown Betty and Tiki.

We appreciate your support of our business because it supports our family. We thank you for buying our pottery, paintings and Mom's Stuff and hope that these things will make your lives better in a physical and spiritual way.

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